Only 50 days to go until new vehicle tax rates come into force

The way vehicle tax is calculated will be changing for new cars and some motorhomes from 1 April 2017. Time is flying by and we’re just 50 days away.

DVLA have been busy behind the scenes and blogging regularly about what DVLA is doing to prepare for the changes internally and with our customers.  Here’s a recap of where they are:

Over the past 12 months they have been working closely with stakeholders to make sure they’re aware of these changes.  They are changing the tax rules to be ready for 1 April and are developing a new service to register new vehicles to launch later in the year. To support the changes they have set up and attended industry steering groups to hear the views of stakeholders, update progress and agree the changes.

DVLA’s contact centre is running an automated telephone service to quickly answer customer’s questions.

Most popular queries amongst the public is whether these changes will affect existing vehicles. The answer?  No they don’t.  The new rates only affect cars and some motorhomes first registered with DVLA on or after 1 April 2017.

So, the countdown is well underway with only 50 days to go until the new vehicle tax rates come into force.

For more details from DVLA website click HERE