62 Year Old Man Arrested on Suspicion of Sexual Assault Outside Headlands School

Humberside Police arrest a 62 Year Old Man yesterday, Wednesday 9th January, on suspicion of sexual assault outside Headlands School.

The arrest was made in connection to an incident outside of the school on Tuesday 8th January.

With various rumours circulating the incident on social media both Headlands School and Humberside Police urge people to keep only factual on goings with the incident to be shared and passed on to the police to help with the investigation. 

Mrs Bone of Headlands School had this to say on the schools facebook page, 

"To be clear. The male arrested in connection with this incident was challenged, photographed and removed by an on duty member of staff before entering the main school site moments after the alleged incident took place. This 'challenge' was witnessed by several students, including the victim. At no point at all did the male enter the school building."

"As I am sure you can appreciate the last 24 hours have been incredibly difficult for all those concerned and in particular the young victim. Your ongoing support in ensuring only accurate, factual reports of what actually happened on Tuesday morning are shared on social media would be very much appreciated by us all here at Headlands School. I am well aware various 'versions' of what may, or may not, have happened are being shared on social media and these run the risk of causing unnecessary emotional distress and harm to the young victim involved."

Full statement from Mrs Bone can be read here - https://www.facebook.com/HeadlandsSchool/posts/1210546489097865

The school is also in communication with Humberside Police on what they are allowed to share with the public at this time and ask that the public give all there at Headlands School the time, space and ability to be able to support their students and to do this without distraction.




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