Bridlington man in court after last years chemical scare

Today (Wednesday 29 March) at Beverley Magistrates Court  55-year-old Bridlington man Gert Meyers pleaded guilty to possession of regulated substances without a licence. He will be sentenced at Hull Crown Court on Thursday 27 April.

Following the guilty plea Detective Chief Superintendent Matt Hutchinson said: “Gert Meyer legally sold substances to two people who were subsequently prosecuted for terrorism offences. This may not have been illegal at the time, however he should have been more responsible for who he was supplying these potentially dangerous substances. When the legislation changed he then failed to heed the warnings about the consequences of possessing these substances and is now facing the consequences of his actions and the prospect of a custodial sentence when he is sentenced next month. His irresponsible actions led to widespread disruption in Bridlington, whilst emergency services safely removed the volatile substances he was keeping in his home. We are committed to keeping the public safe and will take proactive steps to do so like we have in this case.”