Do You Agree?: Friendly Forester New Parking Scheme Causing Havoc

Friendly Foresters on Marton Gate has recently put in a ANPR Car Park system where you have to put in your Reg Plate on a Tablet thats on the bar to make sure you get your free parking or else face a fine of what some have got as much as £85! But reduced to £50 if payed before 14 days!

Many say this was implemented due to the car park been used by people collecting children from the schools adjacent to the Family Restaurant but Foresters claim this is something thats rolling out at many of the Sizzling Pub Chains across the UK. Sizzling Pub the company that owns and operates the Friendly Foresters are yet to comment on the new ANPR Car Park system.

Foresters say that it is clearly advertised inside and out about the new car park scheme with banners on the entrance and next to the tablets asking if you have put in your Reg. Many people still say that even due to this that staff members still should remind customers about the new procedure more out of courtesy than anything else.

What are your thoughts on having to put your reg plate in? Have you recently been, how did you find the experience? 

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