Bridlington Town AFC Chairman Posts Statement Regarding Social Media

On the 22nd November, Peter Smurthwaite posted a statement on Bridlington Town AFC's website regarding Social Media.

He Posted: I would like to confirm that recent comments posted on social media and a fans forum site linked to this club are in no way supported by this football club. 

I think most people who know me know my opinion of “social media”, I was told 5 or 6 years ago that it would bring great benefits to Non-League football clubs. I am still waiting for these benefits to appear. I now have to spend time which I can ill afford responding to rumors and queries with regard to the running of this club and the people involved. People who do not even come to watch the team are able to pass opinion and unfounded statements about club and team matters. It would be far better instead of people spending time trying to be “controversial” on forums if they could spend time raising money for the club by selling Christmas Draw tickets or asking people to join our Club Lottery. If people have genuine questions and queries as always feel free to speak to me or contact me by email. 

No doubt I will get the response about “Freedom of Speech” but when it gets personal and distasteful about individuals it does not present a good image for a football club when we are always trying to encourage more people to support our community football club.

Peter Smurthwaite


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