£100 monthly giveaway


Terms and conditions


(1) How to take part


(a)       All you need to do is check the website as often as possible www.bridlingtonadvertiser.com anytime during the month where a number/letter will be posted to the homepage.

If your property has the same property number/letter at the start of its address then you can send us an email (just click the winning number/letter on the website to do this). If you were the first person to email us stating you believe you have won we will get back to you. Its FREE to take part but as you can see if you set www.bridlingtonadvertiser.com as your homepage you have a much better chance of winning.


(b) A winning number will be picked at random and also at a random time during the month. If your property does not have a number (only a name) then you can still participate. If a number is picked between 1-26 then the corresponding letter of alphabet will be used aswell. Eg if 1 is the number then A is the letter. And if 2 is the number then B is the letter etc..(both number and letter will be shown on the site). Your property name will need to begin with the letter chosen. Also if your property starts with “THE”. eg “The shambles” T will not be used the “S” would be your winning letter(please note if your property would have been assigned a number this must be used and not house name). We will be using number 1-90 if anyone has a number above 90 email us and we can add your number to the possible choices. If you live in a flat the flat number is not used unless your flat number is part of a group of flats of 8 or over. Otherwise it will be the road or street number or name.

(2)Who can take part in the competition


(a) Participants must be 18 years old or above (not open to staff or direct family of anyone who works for Tiger Computers or Bridlington Advertiser)


(b) All participants must live or rent/own a brick built property in the YO15 or YO16 area, This can also be a business property or holiday home. This must be the property you are claiming you have won with.


(c) Proof of property where the winner is claiming for must be able to be proven. Eg: utility bill drivers license, passport etc. (tiger computers decision is final). If this cannot be proven the prize for that month will go to the 2nd person to email and so on.


(3) How do I claim If I think I may have won


(a) If your property starts with a letter/number which is the same as the winning number/letter then email us first via the website and we will contact you.


(b)You must bring your proof of address and Photo ID to Tiger Computers, 74 Quay Road , Bridlington at a time we arrange which is convenient to both parties.


(c) We would need a photograph of the winner for marketing purposes. This would be posted on facebook, twitter and other possible media sites.

  (d) Any claim must be made within the current month for the number chosen.


*Disclaimer: This offer can be changed or withdrawn at anytime and Tiger Computers who run the competition can change or adjust these terms and conditions at anytime and their decision is final.*

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